Social Networking

What is Social Networking Solution?

Social networking solutions are the most revolutionary method of building personal and professional networks across the globe in the fastest possible time. They are effective medium for communicating with online group and networks who share interest in your business, service and products. With the help of a professional social networking development company, you will be able to target your niche and find more potential customers.

Why Social Networking Development is necessary these days?

The prime reason for creating a functional social network site is to communicate with your customers using options of email, chat, text messaging, voice chat, video chat, file sharing, photo sharing, blogs, forum discussion, affiliations, interest sharing and group discussion. Your business revenue depends on the number of people that connect to your business network and it may increase with addition of each user. That’s why a social network application has a broader reach it can help you go beyond the geographical and time barrier in getting connected with your potential customers.

DEXUSA offers powerful and effective social networking development service that make sure your growing visibility in the web world and networking beyond the limits. Our developers incorporate some essential features that make you get the optimal benefits of popular social
networking sites in the following manner:

  • Tracking the log-in details of all the new and existing users of your business
  • Interaction with your users on a personal level and building long term relationship with them
  • Monitor and control the contents on your website to avoid unnecessary users and activity.

What our Social Networking Solutions can do for you?

At DEXUSA, we can custom tailored your business needs with powerful social networking solutions. Our developers not just follow the trend of integrating your application to popular social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter but also allow your business to earn more traffic and sales. You can also use our social networking tools and web applications for connecting with your employees or clients in real time.

Our social networking application development service will be delivered to you in a timely and organized manner. Here are certain features and benefits that you can have with our networking solutions:

  • User registration
  • User administration
  • RSS content syndication
  • Customized company profile
  • Community chat
  • Photo sharing, ratings and comments
  • Blogging
  • CMS
  • Interactive media

What kind of Social Networking Solutions we can offer you?

DEXUSA is capable of delivering top-notch social networking sites with customized look and feel matching your industry needs and objectives. We assure you of personalized attention to each and every aspect of the development feature giving you dependable services and result oriented solutions. Our solution includes features such as Audio Video sharing & uploading, Internal messaging, Invitations, Photo & Video galleries, Blogs, Forums, Member friend’s network, RSS feeds, Live chat etc.

Social Networking Application Development:

Facebook is the recent phenomenon and one of the best ways of reaching highly targeted audience in the easiest possible manner. Our Facebook application development services take care of rendering and implementing all the important features required to drawing a lot of user attention and reaching out to the list of niche clientele.

Our Full range of Facebook Development Services includes:

  • Facebook Apps Development
  • Facebook Application Design
  • Twitter fan page
  • Facebook Connect API
  • Facebook Fan Page Development
  • Facebook Widget Development

Why Choose our Social Networking Solutions?

DEXUSA has been developing social networking applications and widgets for many years. We focus on the popular mediums like facebook and twitter and deliver solutions that will help you connect to your potential customers. The effect of our social networking websites is huge and it will open up ways for earning business profits. They will be built with the options of photo galleries, audio/video sharing, blogs, internal messaging, forums and much more.

We have the most skilled and experienced programmers to build powerful social network applications and tools for you. They work dedicatedly to meet your business objective and extend your business contacts and network very fast. You should consider choosing us for
obtaining the following benefits.

  • Low business overhead cost
  • Continuous conversation for brand promotion online
  • Scalable business returns
  • Increased customer base
  • Extending fan communities and popularizing business

Have we developed any Social Network Site before?

We have developed many social networking sites for our clients who are able to meet customers, make friends, engage and convert them into prospective leads. Our developers can help you build your own social site for communicating with the clients and extend your community.

DEXUSA recommends social networking solutions for any kind of business application or game site.

  • Increasing customer base and customer loyalty
  • Reducing development time and cost

If you want to exceed your business goal, improve brand presence and extend the network of users with an effective solution, contact us today!