Facebook Applications

What is Facebook Application?

Facebook application is the latest method used to engage more customers and derive the maximum possible business advantages from the popular social media platform, Facebook. It can help a business owner to deeply engage with customers and grow his/her brand presence in a viral manner. From custom facebook application and facebook fan page design to facebook connect and social plugins, everything comes included in it to ensure clients the best experience on Facebook.

DEXUSA is a reliable facebook application development company helping small business development organizations to create, measure, monitor, and maintain their brand visibility across widely popular social media platforms. We offer facebook application development services starting from designing and implementation to plugins installation that enable entrepreneurs and brands to convert more prospects into leads.

How our Facebook Application can help grow your business?

A custom facebook application includes photo editor, game and fun which will attract your customers and allow them to talk more about your brand or product and help it grow virally.

If you need an interactive and creative solution, which will add to your brand visibility online, or help fulfill your business objective using social media platforms, DEXUSA is the right place for the job.

Our objective is to help your business expand beyond the geographic barriers. Our skilled facebook application developers are ready to support you and help you distinguish areas where your existing application model can be improved by utilizing the latest social media trend.

  • Building brand reputation
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer relationship
  • Traffic generation
  • Brand visibility
  • Cost-efficiency

Why Facebook Application Development is in demand these days?

Facebook application not only serves as an effective marketing tool but also offers multiple benefits to business organizations. It has encouraged many brands and entrepreneurs to opt for facebook application development service and promote their brand effectively across various social media platforms.

At DEXUSA, we have experienced facebook application developers relying on advanced technological standards. Our offered services are basically aimed at supporting business owners life long by serving their personal interest including sales and revenue. With the help of our custom built facebook applications, it will be very easy for your company to earn long-term profits.

  • Changes company’s perception
  • Builds brand recognition
  • Increases customer interest in business
  • Gains customer feedback easily and quickly

What kind of Facebook Application Development services DEXUSA can offer you?

We are a professional facebook app development company, best recognized for developing creative, interactive, rich in media and secured custom facebook applications for clients and businesses worldwide. Our facebook applications are highly engaging, functional and offering enhanced user experience. If you are looking for sales marketing/progress or building a new company image online via custom facebook app development, we are here to serve you with the following services:

  • Facebook Application Designing
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook fan page
  • Facebook Connect Integration


Why you should choose us for Facebook Application Development?

DEXUSA’s facebook application development services can be customized to build a long term relationship with your customers and earn more business profits. We develop flexible applications that will influence your targeted sector and encourage most of them to become your Facebook fans and followers. Our application will be the best mean for spreading your brand awareness on facebook in a viral manner. You can also use it to generate the desired amount of traffic to your main product page and facebook fan page. Additionally, you can reach to non-users by using the updates and news feeds option available in the application.

  • Extensive experience
  • Quality solutions
  • Customer centric approach
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast application development

Have we developed any Facebook Application before?

We have build the latest Facebook applications that captures the global market in a big way and thus the websites are built to promote through Facebook for various applications.The functionalities of the Facebook application comprises database collection application, ecommerce shopping cart, displaying of picture and photo gallery, Facebook store integration, public and private polling integration, notifications and news feeds and sharing of pictures and information on Facebook.

What will be our recommendation if you want to develop Facebook Application?

DEXUSA recommends you facebook application development service if you want to drive more visitors and customers to your website at a reasonable price.

  • For highly affordable, scalable and usable applications that can get popular through word-of-mouth marketing.

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