BV Commerce

BV Commerce is a complete ecommerce solution based on ASP.NET shopping cart. Getting more visitors to your store is a breeze with BV. The application has adapted well to the specific requirements of a wide range of industries. It is a storehouse of out-of-the-box features having effective solutions to the needs of different merchants. BV Commerce offers hassle free upgrade process and hence is a sought-after-option for the developers.

What we can do

  • Installation & Onboarding

    We help with initial installation of BV commerce for your ecommerce business. The path we follow starts with creating virtual root in IIS, setting file permissions, database setup, connecting strings, and finally launch the site. Our team of experts, will help with BV Commerce Hosting in a BVCommerce optimized Cloud Environment running in your own virtual private cloud. This is the onset to begin!

  • Upgrade Support

    We offer upgrade support to the latest version of BV Commerce (latest release: BV Commerce 2018 SP1) and take care of template compatibility and other site specific issues so that you can start using the store with peace of mind.

  • Product Cataloging Support

    BV Commerce puts you in full control of your website content. It is easy to make real-time changes to your products and categories at demand of the season. We provide you that help with product image resizing and upload, product title and description creation, custom feed generation for multichannel upload, web store and marketplace store management. You don’t need to be dependent on your designers for every small change.

  • BV Commerce Store Integration with Salesforce or other CRM

    We can integrate your BV commerce site with Salesforce. This way any lead coming to your site gets converted to an account in Salesforce. It helps create an opportunity for you to pitch those customers. They are your records of incoming leads!

  • Integration of PayPal Credit & Checkout with PayPal

    Paypal is a secured gateway of payment! We configure your ecommerce site with Paypal for a secured checkout. It allows you to use shipping and billing information stored securely at PayPal to check out, and no re-entering of data is needed at the site again. All said, there are certain PAYPAL applied restrictions on checkout for certain products/items.

  • Search Experience Enhancements

    Are you still using the basic keyword matching search for your website? Go one step further and match your customer’s buying intent! Make sure they see the most relevant products when they start typing with the help of advanced search suggestions for products, predictive suggestions and hints.

  • BVCommerce Templating Service

    BV commerce templating service is our merit. We provide full custom interface and give you the option to choose amongst one of the many default or pre-built custom templates. There are advantages including one page checkout, a customized ASP.Net framework, add-ons and CSS support. We give it all and it can dramatically change your sales statistics.

  • Mobile Optimized Page Layouts (App-like experience in mobile website)

    We build responsive design. This enhances mobile performance for your site! We deliver what your mobile users expect. A reliable and faster mobile experience means more satisfied customers for you.

  • API Development & Tools for better maintenance of website

    We offer you a suite of platform tools allowing you to leverage and benefit from API integration on your site. Whether you want to import data directly through a machine sensors or export data to ERP, this platform helps you unlock the power of your infrastructure and your business assets.