What is Magento?

Magento is an effective and fast growing eCommerce coding language, introduced by Varien. It is an open-source framework utilizing Zend PHP and Entity Attribute Value MySQL databases. Magento offers merchandizers flexibility in managing the look and content of a site through its highly modular architecture. It shows scalable performance and is usually appreciated by users due to multiple control options.

How it can benefit your business?

Setting up and running an eCommerce store has become easier than before. Magento solutions from DEXUSA can help you establish your online store and run it within limited time frame. We don’t just focus on the integration of payment gateways to your website but also adding essential features. Our developers can help you automate your business process with usable features of this open source platform. From simplifying your product display to getting payments, you can have it all. You can also realize the following benefits:

  • Magento has a powerful and intuitive interface to help create and manage your product catalog.
  • It allows you to easily manage your shipments, orders and integrate various payment methods.
  • Magento give consumers the choice to create their own accounts, keep track of their shopping history, contact the site owner through online forms.
  • Magento framework has many advanced SEO tools which can be seamlessly integrated into your google analytics account for studying custom behaviour pattern of your website and optimizing it for better ranking results.
  • With Magento you can get access to different promotional tools such as organizing price promotions and using coupon codes.
  • Hundreds of extensions are available for installing other functionalities later..

How Magento is better than other frameworks?

There are many choices for eCommerce CMS such as using ecommerce plugins with WordPress or Drupal eCommerce modules.

However, if a site is focused on eCommerce with a large number of products (more than 30).

  • Magento is a robust platform (but expensive) meant for developing highly flexible online stores.
  • It is supported by a big user community who often share ideas and give suggestions for improvising features.
  • There is transparency in the operation and management of magento websites.
  • With its extensive SEO tools, magento helps you get quality traffic and convert them into sales.
  • Magento supports different payment options and international currencies in order to give users a perfect shopping experience.

Do I need a Magento platform?

Often we are confused whether a particular platform is suitable for us or not? Magento platform although very rich and robust can be an expensive choice for someone not looking to invest a lot of money in ecommerce.

It is bulky software that requires dedicated hosting or virtual servers to run this. This often comes to over $100-$300 per month of charges. The magento requires lots of time to add any customization.

We recommend Magento platform to anyone who has more than 50 products to sell but still less than 2000 products.

What kinds of services DEXUSA can offer you?

DEXUSA offers a wide array of solutions including Magento development, Magento customization, Magento integration with third party integration, Shopping carts with Magento CMS, Magento upgrade, maintenance and support service.

Our Magento solutions include the following:

  • Our Magento consultants can help you narrow your ecommerce choices.
  • Magento custom Landing Page Design
  • Magento plugins development and installation
  • Payment and shipping modules development
  • Magento integration with third party application
  • Conversion from any existing platform to Magento e-commerce
  • Magento upgrade service
  • Creating shopping carts using Magento

What past work we have done in Magento?

Ecommerce site development for online shopping convenience and allowing personalization of gifts, trophies and awards. We incorporated a bunch of customized features which allow the user to have a great shopping experience, they are: Categorized Search functionality, Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.