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ASP.NET is a Microsoft server side web application framework used for building dynamic websites. It is an active server page technology mainly taking an object-oriented approach to web application development. ASP.NET web is based on the CLR (Common Language Runtime), allowing developers to write fast and effective code using any other supported language such as C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Perl. It functions just like any other desktop applications and gives programmer the flexibility to define new functions, use variables, connect to a remote database and utilize a database.

How ASP.NET Development can help your business?

The introduction of ASP.NET has made drastic changes in the development sector.This new application framework from Microsoft provides flexible structure and features required to build highly functional web applications of every size and type. DEXUSA has been offering ASP.NET Development services to improve your business productivity with divided application programs. Our team of developers promise to boost the performance of your business with compiled coding. With the routine library of the .Net application framework we can bring a boost in your business credibility, and reduce the development cost and time.

  • Application runs on diverse technology and hardware.
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Easy Implementation
  • High Reliability
  • Rigorous security
  • Cross platform migration
  • High speed of development

Why ASP.NET Development is necessary these days?

ASP.NET is a simple and easy-to-use coding language offering server controls along with the user controls. DEXUSA has skilled programmers who can implement this application framework to reduce your coding efforts and make data management very easy.You can have access to these inbuilt controllers in the .Net package and can manage the tasks without installing any additional plugins. We have developed many .Net based applications for clients from Canada, USA and Australia. You can trust our ability and hire our qualified
and experienced ASP.NET professionals who will work according to your budget and needs.

They will ensure you the following benefits:

  • Simple and easy coding with least requirement of additional plugins
  • Compatible with multiple languages
  • Less maintenance and debugging with object-oriented structures
  • Improved scalability and performance of applications
  • Easy implementation
  • Faster web page execution

What kind of ASP.NET Development services DEXUSA can offer you?

We are a USA based web development company with a proven track record of offering ASP.NET web development solutions. There are many powerful web based applications that our programmers have delivered to international clients using Microsoft supported .Net platform. We are committed to develop efficient applications at a reasonable price that will continue to surprise end-users and give users better experience.

Our ASP.NET services include:

  • ASP.NET application development
  • ASP.NET application porting/migration
  • ASP.NET customization
  • ASP.NET integration with other Microsoft supported technologies
  • ASP.NET mobile application development
  • ASP.NET Ajax solutions
  • MVC, WWF, WPF and WCF component development

Why Us?

With years of dedication and many successful .Net projects to our credit, we have proven ourselves as a good choice for your ASP.NET application development. You can choose to work with .Net developers at DEXUSA who are simply experts in creating and migrating software applications.

ASP.NET web development is the core specialization of developers working at DEXUSA. We promise to offer dot net services at competitive price. With great proficiency in dot net 3.5 and 4.0 development, our developers can utilize their technical expertize to develop cutting-edge web applications for you to interact with users and offer them an enhanced experience.

  • Up-to-date knowledge on ASP.NET technology
  • Dedicated resource for project development
  • No extra or hidden cost of the ASP.NET services
  • Continuous support till delivery
  • Regular updates on your work progress
  • Quality output
  • Increased reliability

Have we developed any ASP.NET applications before?

We developed large ecommerce website based on ASP.Net and a third party e-commerce product called Merchantribe which provides an open content management for the site. To improve the conversion ratio we moderated a renewed look on the website keeping the same the platform as it is. Deployed by team of experienced .NET programmers. Our biggest achievement- the site recently crossed 1 million views.

DEXUSA recommends ASP.NET Development for creating enterprise level web based applications or tools.

  • ASP.NET works best to build dynamic websites and increase functionalities
  • It can be a good choice to improve your earning potential with not so high development cost.