Ecommerce solution

What is E-commerce Solution?

Ecommerce solution is now recognized as the most reliable and cost-effective method for building, managing and expanding ecommerce websites. It will help you build and manage your business store, inventory, invoice and customer details, shop inventory, and invoices safely from anywhere and at any time.

You need more than a standard shopping cart solution to give your users perfect shopping experience. DEXUSA offers WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Business Catalyst ecommerce solutions including the technology, tools and support to help manage your purchase orders and online payment properly.

How E-commerce Solution can help sell your products?

Ecommerce solution can help you make a cost-effective and valuable online store no matter whether you want to sell cosmetics, baby products, watches, or any other product. An online store can easily reach to the targeted visitors and has great scope for sales growth.

If you want to develop a store for selling products online to a wide section of audience with low cost, DEXUSA has right ecommerce solution for you. It can help build up your customer base fast and sell new products in a reliable manner. By using our small business ecommerce solution, you can track sales and inventories regularly and without hiring additional manpower.

  • Most effective in reaching different market zone across the world
  • Quick order placement and payment processing
  • No limits on transaction hours
  • Efficiently stores, retrieves and updates information

Why E-commerce Solution is necessary these days?

The real benefits of ecommerce solution are so many. It allows quick changes to your merchandize, business model, marketing, pricing, offers and sales method. With the help of in-built tools, they allow you to build a dynamic website for giving your customers an improved experience. DEXUSA utilizes the latest ecommerce technologies such as magento, Drupal, Business Catalyst and wordpress to customize your site layout and convert your prospects into sales leads.

  • Marketing and sales of niche products
  • No hassle in solving invoice or order discrepancies
  • More business transactions
  • Less labor charge, delivery time and document preparation

What kind of E-Commerce Solutions we specialize in?

DEXUSA has an extensive experience in B2C ecommerce application development. Our specialization includes Drupal, Worpress, Magento and Business Catalyst ecommerce solutions that can meet your B2C ecommerce needs no matter how unique they are. We are ready to provide everything from designing and developing an ecommerce store to customizing it and integrating it with third party technologies. Our solutions can be targeted for building highly flexible and usable stores with an enhanced shopper experience. We have
skillset required to integrate your shopping stores with different CMSs, custom built templates and payment integration gateways.

Our E-commerce solutions include the following:

  • Ecommerce web design
  • Ecommerce application development
  • CMS integration
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Support and maintenance

Why you should consider us for your E-commerce needs?

DEXUSA has long years of experience in producing e-commerce application using different CMS platforms. We can give you more flexibility and usable features for thriving in this rapidly changing business atmosphere. Our comprehensive ecommerce solutions for small and medium businesses include all essential shopping cart features and functionalities. And, for the ecommerce design, you won’t have to go anywhere else. Our skilled designers will do an excellent job for you. We can assure you that our maximum focus will be on sales-oriented e-commerce solution to help enhance your return on investment irrespective your business sector.

  • More traffic
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Great conversion rates
  • Upward pointing in ROI graph and great profit of business
  • More number of returning customers

Are we presently serving E-commerce clients with quality service?

DEXUSA is now providing B2C ecommerce solutions to many of its clients from all over the world and enabling their customers to have an easy, quick and comfortable shopping experience. You can ask for our help to design and implement a powerful e-commerce solution that is right for you.

What we would recommend you if you are looking to set up an online store?

DexUsa will recommend you ecommerce solutions especially if you want to set up a profitable online store with a quick and easy ordering system for the customers.

  • If you want to add or delete an item from the product catalogue without any major problem.
  • If you want the shoppers to navigate to the pages where sales action is maximum.

To know how our ecommerce solutions can help your business grow fast, contact us now!