E-learning Development Solution

What is E-learning Solution?

E-learning solutions are based on the advanced techniques and technologies and make electronic transfer of knowledge easy over internet to individuals or group of learners. They are widely used in corporations and schools who are dedicated to online training and education. Through e-learning solutions, information is made available to learners over internet so that they can make use of the materials from different geographical locations. They allow users to learn the desired information while they are at home or work.

Why E-learning Solution is necessary these days?

E-learning programs are offered by a number of development companies in order to help online schools and colleges to deliver information and educate people online. DEXUSA uses advanced skill set to deliver robust and versatile online training materials that can be accessed on PC. They can get downloaded fast by interested users whenever necessary.

We have excellent programmers using the latest frameworks of PHP, Drupal, Magento and Business Catalyst to provide an interactive learning experience to users. Our experience in e-learning development has made us familiar with several aspects of computer based training. We work on a combination of education training and make the solutions run with a few mouse clicks and the GUI. Be sure you save precious time and get educated in a fun way with our online training software.

  • Quick access of learning materials
  • Meeting online education and training challenges
  • Easily reach out to participants
  • Interactive tools to improve learning process
  • Connect to diverse groups of learners

How we can help you with our E-learning Development Service?

If you are running an online institute or school and want to connect to a large number of users spread across the world, our online training software will be much helpful. By including your course materials in the program and making it versatile, we can make the users enjoy learning from any location in the world. Our e-learning programs have advanced options to facilitate transfer of information over internet.

The ways of delivering online training or education can vary a lot depending on your own objective. Our e-learning solutions are designed to benefit both trainers and learners. As a trainer, you can target our software to store unlimited resource including graphics and media in a compact form and make them accessible to users very easily.

At DEXUSA, we are working on latest computing technology such as m-learning and t-learning to connect more e-learners and increase the user base.

  • Simple and flexible learning structure
  • Rich and interactive learning experience
  • Tools for performance evaluation
  • Easy to-up-to-date content
  • Best fit solution for academic institutes and organizations

What kind of E-learning Solutions we can provide you?

DEXUSA understands the difficulties that people face when it comes to learn online. If you run an online institute and want to distribute the materials through an effective and powerful e-learning system, our team of developers are ready to help you anytime. In today’s high-tech world, we can help your training institute or organization become more prominent with the help of a wide range of services including:

  • Online training software development
  • e-learning program design
  • e-learning program configuration and integration
  • Maintenance and support

Why choose us for developing E-learning Solutions?

DEXUSA offers reliable e-learning solutions that deliver you all the advantages of today’s popular technologies without any complexities, hassles and performance issues. Our organized modules and creative design work in perfect coordination to give you a high level of control and experience. In this way, you will not just match the learning standards over web but also be able to deliver the best training experience to your users. The benefits of our e-learning programs go beyond your expectation. Let’s know some reasons for choosing us as your electronic learning solution provider:

  • The most up-to-date technology
  • Assurance of better performance
  • Perfect management of information
  • Exclusive features for tracking and reporting
  • High level of satisfaction for users

Have we delivered any E-Learning program before?

Developed e-learning portals for learning solution. The website we develop is a provider if social learning management system and is equipped with online marketing tools, cloud computing technology and e-commerce platform. These websites we developed offer different courses information, different user accessibility – for admin, students, downloadable courses pdfs, audio/video file implementations etc.

DEXUSA recommends e-learning solutions for newly established online schools or training institutes who want to reach to e-learners and grow big and fast.

  • Make their course materials easy to download
  • Give users an interactive learning experience