Open Source CMS solution

What is Open Source CMS Solution?

Open Source CMS refers to any freely available software which can be used or modified by its users and developers the way they want. It not just helps build a complete online application but also supports significant number of features, far exceeding proprietary business solutions in terms of flexibility and scalability. Open source content management systems are considered the best for applications which allow an easy modification and management of content without advanced computer knowledge. It turns out to be a cost effective option for commercial websites, government sites, microsites and so on. In fact, CMS solution finds wide scale application in corporate sector.

DEXUSA is a world class open source CMS solution provider in USA striving to meet the needs of different business organizations. We have a team of qualified and experienced programmers that can offer a wide range of corporate CMS solutions matching your business needs. We use some widely popular open source CMS frameworks such as Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Business Catalyst and Big Commerce to design your website applications or tools. Our programmers have experience with PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby that can add to your customer’s experience and help you manage your website content in an efficient manner.

How Open Source Content Management Systems can help build your business profits?

Your business website should be easy to update and use, and have custom built functionalities to extend your business reach. There are several open source CMS frameworks that may suit your budget but which will be right for you?

At DEXUSA, we have worked on a number of open source CMS platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and business catalyst. Our developers will analyze your business requirements and decide which one of them will be the most effective and simple to use. WordPress has so far been most demandable and is rapidly growing standard for business application development. If you are beginning with an open source CMS software, you can consider the following benefits:

  • CMS solution is quick to implement and has cheap up front
  • Deliver the results you pay for
  • Great support and upgrades
  • Access to custom design templates
  • Customize the layout and easy to work with different modules
  • Add-ons and enhancements

Why Open Source CMS is better than custom online applications?

Most of our customers always want to know how open source CMS solutions can be better than custom built online stores. The answer is that CMS frameworks give us solid and secure environment to grow your business. Custom online applications are often made using expensive technologies and this can be a reason for the growing use of CMS open source frameworks these days. Small to medium enterprises and large organizations prefer to have a open source content management systems for cost and performance reasons. We are proud to offer them stability, security and easiness through open source CMS solutions. DEXUSA wants to make sure that the CMS platform used will invariably support their business requirements and provide an increased online business presence.

From a business point of view, our open source CMS solutions offer the following advantages over custom online stores:

  • Reliability and stability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Security
  • Ease in coding structure and content publishing
  • No hassle in extending features

What kind of Open Source CMS solutions we can provide?

Our team of CMS developers follow the latest application development standards, Ecommerce portals, and CMS solution integration and implementation to ensure you the best business benefits. We are experienced in creating custom applications based on globally recognized CMS development standards and make your business grow fast. The DEXUSA team can respond to your requirements with the following ready-to-use open source CMS software:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Big Commerce (hosted)
  • Business Catalyst (hosted)
  • Joomla

Why we are superior than other Open Source CMS Solution providers?

You won’t have to look for an application vendor, purchase a section of code, pay unnecessary license fees and wait many days for your order to get processed. We are committed to help you avoid this time consuming affair and increase your chance of business success. DEXUSA had made it possible for many of our clients with cheaper open source CMS solutions. Our CMS coders will closely work with you, identify your open source requirements and create the most perfect application. We will follow your specifications in order to deliver you what you exactly want, no matter whether it is a custom business application or tool. With our open source content management systems, you can have the following benefits:

  • Take control of your content management
  • Save significant costs
  • Flexibility to make changes to your website content anytime
  • Auto archiving facility to keep backup of your old data
  • Boost overall site performance

Are our clients satisfied with our standard of service?

We have delivered outstanding CMS solutions for several community portals, intranets and small to medium business organizations at competitive price. Our CMS development skill is unmatched in the industry and can be used to make comprehensive and well organized sites for your business with reduced cost and improved data security.

What we would like to recommend for people looking for Open Source CMS solutions?

DEXUSA recommends CMS based solutions for

  • Information retrieval and/or simple data flow logic
  • Low budget for a full fledged coding and in the range of $500-$2000
  • You have certain common application that fits well with the CMS.
  • There are several plugins, extensions and themes available for CMS and one can get started with a decent website in few days.

However, CMS won’t be able to fulfill your custom solution needs that require an advanced database. For example, if you are making a workflow solution, advanced search solution.

If you need free licensing open source code for business application development, contact us now!