Video Optimization

What is Video Optimization?

Video Optimization involves the method of optimizing videos related to your business and using them for promoting your business over internet. It will help your business to show up prominently on Google and other search engine result pages. It is not just enough to submit a video and wait for it to get cached by the search engine crawlers. Video Optimization is an integral part of search engine marketing that considers your targeted community , what it likes to search for and how it can find your brand through internet search.

What Video Optimization can do for your business?

With rapid development in the field of search engine marketing, we have come across new means of brand marketing and promotion. Videos are also included in them which can appeal and engage customers for a long time. Since innumerable videos are uploaded on the web everyday, your company should consider to make its videos visible to the customers.

By posting your video in YouTube and Google, you will be able to increase your online visibility and improve your business reach globally.

DEXUSA can make your business feature in search engine result pages through quality Video Optimization service. It is committed to bring you the following advantages:

  • Appeals to customers in a creative manner.
  • Reaches to targeted community on popular social media sites
  • Gives a seamless experience to visitors
  • Communicates message clearly through videos
  • Offers the best sharing tools and engaging features
  • Improves interpersonal relationships with corporate videos

Why Video Search Optimization is necessary these days?

Video search optimization is one of the latest marketing methods for introducing your business to hundreds of thousands of internet users. It is an effective way to inform them about your business and what products or services you offer. Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Vidder and Veoh are some of the popular places where you can display your online videos. That’s why, DEXUSA insists on optimizing videos for communication, tutorials and advertising your brand.

From present statistics, it has been established that top search ranking can be easily secured by optimizing videos than through content optimization on regular basis. Video Search Engine Optimization process is not so easy. It requires great skill and expertise to make your video get noticed to the targeted community in real time.

DEXUSA will help you get multiple benefits. If you choose to use our video search optimization service, your video can

  • Get indexed by Google and other leading search engines.
  • Help build brand image
  • Get your business ranked high for the targeted keywords and phrases

What kind of Video Optimization service DEXUSA can offer you?

DEXUSA offers you cutting edge Video Optimization services that help your business to get listed in organic search results and achieve top rankings in major search engines.

It has already been established that video can convert better and faster than images and text. We know how to combine it with a Search Engine Optimization campaign to increase traffic and conversions dynamically for targeted keyword search. Our high quality and affordable Video Optimization services include the following:

  • Producing high quality promotional videos with contact details, music, and benefit statements for greater branding effects
  • Publishing videos on relevant sites and optimizing them for high search rankings.
  • Publishing videos on YouTube and other marketing channels dedicated to brand marketing
  • Optimizing video on certain keywords targeted to improve search visibility and link up to your site.
  • End-to-end Video Optimization and promotion service
  • Using videos in email marketing programs

Why Us?

At DEXUSA, we are capable to successfully distribute and produce your videos before the widest section of Internet users. With the help of our video Search Engine Optimization, your videos can easily reach to maximum number of internet users who regularly visit video sharing websites.

The benefit of choosing us to promote your business videos is that you not only get more video views, but also many other business benefits like brand recognition, more comments, high number of subscriptions, record number of views and so on.

  • Increase your video views on YouTube
  • Increase your video views on social marketing channels
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Boost your Google search ranking result
  • Get your video and brand become visible and popular immediately

Are we presently doing Video Optimization for any websites?

We have been creating more video views and getting the more exposure for the e-commerce websites and restaurant sites with the help of quality video Search Engine Optimization service. If you want to increase your YouTube video views and search engine ranking position, we are here to help you anytime.

DEXUSA recommends:

Video Optimization solutions especially if you want to engage visitors with interesting and professional looking videos and receive webtraffic consistently.

  • Inform about your business and services in an entertaining way
  • Minimize the investment in marketing

If you want to discuss your Video Optimization needs and get a quote you deserve, contact us now!