Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click ?

Pay Per Click is a popular Internet marketing model used to send traffic to a specific website through sponsored ads on the search engine. It is the process where an advertiser pays to the publisher only if he/she gets a visitor click on the PPC ad. That’s why, PPC is recognized as the fastest mean to make a site visible to the targeted visitors.

How PPC marketing can help your business?

PPC marketing is all about generating quick leads for your website through paid ads. It is the most assured way of making your site visible to web searchers for certain targeted keywords. You will have to pay the ad publisher (Google or Yahoo) when a visitor will click on the given link or listed ad.

At DEXUSA, we have expert professionals who can smartly handle your Pay Per Click campaign, from preparing and listing ads to account management, helping you achieve success in PPC marketing and yield better return on investment along with the following:

  • Through effective PPC ads maximizing optimization results
  • Assured visibility in search engines
  • Easy website traffic and more ROI
  • Fast search engine ranking position

Why you need to use Pay Per Click management these days?

PPC program allows the business owners a tracking system that will tell the visitor activity on their websites once they come to their website through sponsored ads. This system is very effective in managing their paid ad campaigns, and getting immediate exposure for their businesses.

DEXUSA is a high quality Internet marketing company committed to maximize your business reach with a well managed PPC account. We just want to invest your budget wisely in PPC and deliver results beyond expectation. Since we have been doing PPC marketing for some of our clients, you can trust us for the following things:

  • Quality traffic within short span of time
  • Transform visitors into customers
  • Create action for generating sales and revenue

What kind of Search Engine Optimization services DEXUSA can offer you?

Our Pay Per Click management team manually handles your paid marketing campaign and uses advanced tools to track and monitor the results. We strive to produce excellent results with the services given below.

  • Keyword Research
  • Organize Relevant keywords and create ad groups
  • PPC Setup and Management
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization


At DEXUSA, we follow a customer-centric approach to manage PPC ad campaigns and deliver the best possible satisfaction. We offer customized Pay Per Click marketing services with an objective to match the expectations of customers and make their businesses stay ahead of competition.

Check out what benefits you can get in our PPC management service:

  • Result-driven Pay Per Click management service
  • Top priority to generate leads for the most appropriate keywords.
  • Expert planning for PPC marketing which is approved by clients before putting on use.
  • Add value to campaign with competitor analysis report for selected keywords
  • Greatly focused PPC management services at affordable price.
  • Testing keywords and ads to confirm their lead generation potential
  • Campaign tracking and monitoring system
  • Continuous revision of strategy to produce better result

Are we presently handling PPC campaigns for any projects?

We have been successfully managing PPC campaigns for websites ranging from to hotel and restaurant sites. So, we are very sure that quality traffic can be directed to your website through our paid ads.

DEXUSA recommends Pay Per Click marketing as an effective solution for building instant visibility

  • Generating leads very fast
  • Getting high search ranking position

If you want to drive more quality traffic to your website without a delay and convert them into leads, start taking advantage of our PPC marketing service. You can directly call us or contact us by filling up the online form.