Local Listing Services

What is Local Listing Service?

Local Listing Service helps improve your local business presence and spread awareness among local customers by adding your company name, address and phone number to Google places. A Local Business Listing is an identity created to improve your local search visibility and get attention of local visitors. You can hardly manage your local search optimization without creating, improving and managing your business information on local search engines.

What Local Listing can do for your business?

If you own an online business, it is very necessary to follow a local marketing approach to grab the attention of customers searching for your services and products locally. Local search optimization in combination with Local Business Listing service can be an affordable and effective method to make a big difference to your return on investment. It is really necessary to act fast and create a Local Business Listing to ensure your presence in the local search result pages. In case your business listing is not showing up on the Google local results, your prospects might go to your competitors.

DEXUSA is capable to build and maintain your business’s local search visibility with its professional Local Listing Service. With it you can have the following benefits

  • Consolidate your local optimization efforts
  • Make your business popular in local area
  • Reach to local customers
  • Target your location, business category and keyword

Why Local Business Listing is preferred these days?

Local Listing Service provides an effective and cheap alternative to huge investment of time and money required for running organic search marketing or PPC campaigns. Our Local Business Listing service is simple and reasonable priced and can help your company profiles to get listed at all those places where your local customers look for information. By presenting your business details in the most accurate and clear manner, DEXUSA can ensure the best exposure for your business. As a result, your local customers can easily find all your business details and contact information for business transactions.

  • Business listings will come up in local search results
  • Advertise and promote your business locally in a cost effective manner
  • Quickly promote any special offers, and discounts
  • Your business will appear on mobile maps (i.e. Blackberry/iPhone)
  • Include address, phone number, photos , local code and reviews for quick access to your consumers
  • Generates leads from local area with no hidden fees
  • Free customization and value improvements not offered by yellow pages
  • Updation in business listings show up within 24 hrs

What Kind of Local Listing Services we can offer you?

DEXUSA can help your business be visible to more customers directly in your nearby locations with the following kind of services.

  • Keyword research for local business optimization
  • Local directory submission
  • Giving updates on Google places for special events, deals and coupons
  • Uploading photos onto Google Images and Google Places Page
  • Google Places page bookmarking

Why Us?

We know that your business can get maximum customers from nearby locations. To help you find more potential leads from the geo-targeted locations, we provide Local Listing Service. Our service is fast, affordable and effective in generating results almost immediately.

Here are the additional benefits we can provide you with

  • Tapping into a direct source of local customers
  • Connecting with local area sales channel
  • Locating hidden markets
  • Getting positive testimonials and reviews of customers
  • Increasing your business value by listing your business on a large number of business directories
  • Improving your business ranking in local search engines

Are you presently doing Local Listing for any SEO projects?

We have created Local Business Listings for restaurant and ecommerce sites on the popular local search places and managed all these accounts successfully. So you can consider getting back to us for listing your business locally and start receiving more number local leads.

DEXUSA recommends:

Local Listing Services to make sure you directly reach to your local customers in a targeted manner.

  • Build and grow your local business presence
  • Receive more leads from local area

If you want to increase the visibility of your business in local market, just call us or contact us using our online form.