What is a WordPress Membership Plugin or Membership Website ?

A Membership Program is designed to control the members section of your wordpress site. Basically, it gives an option to users to be a part of the community and gain access to the membership section. It is the easiest way which can help you build and grow your community and monetize it at the same time.

How WordPress Membership Program can benefit your business?

A membership program can be used to build a personal blog and ecommerce portal to investment advisory newsletter. It can easily convert a wordpress community site into a rich featured, multi-level subscription site. Some of its advantageous features can be described as follows:

  • Easy Installation and quick setup
  • Log in security
  • Automated membership management and payment processing
  • Unlimited subscriptions and membership levels
  • Compatibility with WordPress themes

Why WordPress Membership System is desired these days?

Membership System allows you to develop a powerful, effective and easy-to-use WordPress Membership site with just one plugin. It is highly preferred these days for the following features:

  • Automatically upgraded membership
  • Easy and fast integration with new and existing blog
  • Multi-level user access
  • Controlled content display
  • Custom error pages
  • Integration with different payment modules

What kind of services DEXUSA can offer you?

  • Custom membership theme design
  • Membership application development and installation
  • Integrating blogging modules and discussion forums
  • Maintenance and support

What past works we have done in WordPress Membership ?

Websites for Certified Distress Property Lender Educational Curriculum. Appealing yet functional WordPress design integration with Infusionsoft form. Features implemented are membership feature, searchable profile in database, paid membership functionality, events functionality, payment gateways and blog integration.

Attractive summer camp websites that are fully editable, dynamic and developed to enrich the kid’s camping experience. The features implemented in summer camping website we designed and developed are Online Photo Gallery, Registrations forms, Interactive map, Newsletter, Blog, Video player and much more.

DEXUSA recommends

If you want to build a website with a sign up page, order form, membership subscription and integrate it with a wordpress theme, DEXUSA would recommend you WordPress Membership service. It will help Igrow your user base no matter whether you have a blog, law site, financial advisory or fashion website.