Landing Page Development

What is Landing Page Design ?

Landing Page Design is the designing of a web page where your website visitors will land after performing an internet search or clicking on an ad or email. It is mainly used to generate leads or convert leads into sales.

What is the use of Landing Page Design for your business?

It is true that a powerful and effective landing page can convert a visitor into a buyer, or a searcher into a potential customer. There are several factors involved in Landing Page Design, starting from a simple and clean page design to an effective call to action. A landing page can always benefit your business in the following manner

  • Customized landing pages
  • Integration of sales and promotion activities
  • Directing visitors to the main product page
  • Pushing visitors to perform a task
  • Improve conversion rates

Why Landing Page Design is preferred these days?

It has become very important for businesses to design an attractive landing page and grab on the attention of serious buyers. The key reasons for designing a landing page can be described as follows:

  • Get people to create an account
  • Get people to buy something or join an email list
  • Get people to install or download software

What kind of services DEXUSA can offer you?

  • Landing Page Design
  • Live chat functionality integration with the clients.
  • Integrating embedded videos, blog feeds through which websites can be promoted.
  • User registration and membership registration integration.
  • Displaying profile and portfolio.
  • Publishing and advertisement options for promotions.
  • Social media integration

What past works we have done in Landing Page Design?

We recently develop a landing page for event associated website. We also have experience developing insurance and debt related landing page designed to bring the visual the expectation of the clients.

DEXUSA Recommends:

If you want a website with more focus on lead conversions or sales, DEXUSA recommends Landing Page Design solutions. It will help convert more traffic into leads, than your homepage in an assured manner.