Restaurant Website Design

Why Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant website design plays an important role as a marketing tool. In todays hectic schedule people are more interested to gather information online rather than visiting the restaurants. Most people plan out their dining much before arriving at the destination.

Why Discover Excellence For Restaurant Website Design

  • We furnish all the services that a company or a client requires to start their restaurant website online along with web hosting. We provide a detailed website with attractive design and well laid out features and better functionality so that the restaurants get well marketed online.
  • Our attempt is to help our customers modernize their operations in order, to take full benefit of the forthcoming technologies and systems.
  • Through our design layouts we create attractive layouts based on the theme or the cuisine of the restaurant. We also create the atmosphere by using images of foods and happy customers dining.
  • In the restaurant website we provide the detailed menu that the restaurant provides, both in case of food and drinks. The online detailed menu attracts number of customers to the restaurants.
  • We also provide location and destination of restaurant by incorporating google maps. The google maps guide the visitors and help them to locate the exact location of the restaurants.
  • In our restaurant websites we also provide a section for customer reviews, so that the customer can leave a review after online review of the website. The feedback of the visitors help the client to make changes or take suggestions to improve their quality.

The Functionalities That Discover Excellence Provides In Restaurant Design Website

  • We provide various functionalities in the website so that more visitors are attracted to the site. The following are the services and the functionality that we provide in the Restaurant website.
  • Attractive custom design layout with images for the home page and inner page designs.
  • Attractive online photo gallery section with images so that the visitors have better understanding of the happenings of the camp.
  • Social media integration and comment posting through social media so that the visitors can leave feedback.
  • Online store with integration
  • We also integrate video players so that videos of camp activities can be played.
  • Locations are defined through the use of Google Map and we also integrate interactive maps as per the requirement of the client.
  • Registration (different level of access) – so that the kids can register online for the camps.
  • Attractive newsletter for the event happenings and also well designed contact form where the visitors can do enquiry and leave feedback.
  • Blog integration – So that blogs can be posted

Our Pricing and Guarantee

Our costing for building Restaurant design website ranges from :

  • For design – $10USD/hr
  • For coding with Functionality – $15 USD/hr

Have we worked on any Restaurant Website Design before?

We can also provide a project specific cost based on the requirement of the project. The cost might vary based on the project specific deliverables. In case the client is not satisfied we also provide 100% money back guarantee for the websites provided. Uncluttered and clean restaurant websites to showcase rooftop beer garden, restaurants and engagement party spaces. We developed restaurant websites with features like events page, gallery, press column, list of menu and special events. Functionalities of the websites we developed include custom design layout with images for the home page and inner page designs, online store with integration, attractive newsletter for the event happenings, blog integration and more.