Website Hosting/Maintenance

What is Web Hosting/Maintenance?

Website hosting is a kind of service that enables website owners to make their site live and be accessible to the targeted customers around the clock. DEXUSA offers dedicated web hosting server directly from Our server is lightly loaded, fully secured and gives you the advantage of a dedicated server in terms of value and performance.

We have affordable web hosting packages for wordpress based shopping carts that require to be unreasonably fast and highly scalable. We will provide an easy backup and restore option with installation facility of WordPress updates in a proactive manner. You can also depend on our website maintenance services which is meant to keep your website up all the time. It can be done for a specific period or on long term basis. It covers everything including regular error fixing, updating features, changing banners/designs and taking regular backup of the website. You can choose for website maintenance along with web hosting for an additional charge to keep your site up-to-date and give a better experience to users.

Why Web Hosting/Maintenance is necessary for your business?

To survive in this competitive business sector, you need to make sure that your wordpress website loads fast and is continuously available 24/7. An efficient web hosting company can make your prospects know that your online business is available for 24hrs a day to cater to their needs and that assurance is very necessary to build a long term relationship with your customers.

You can depend on our dedicated web hosting solutions to get reliable, fast cPanel and hostgator managed and supported websites with an added advantage of flexibility and power. We are committed to offer the best in value Web Hosting and Maintenance services that you need to keep ahead of the competition at fair rates.

  • Fully managed and affordable dedicated server hosting
  • Latest cPanel features
  • Dedicated resource that suit your hosting needs
  • Complete Control of all Server Accounts, Services and Settings
  • Sites with high degree of speed, security and uptime
  • Fixing hacked sites
  • Regular backup and optimal security

Is it possible to get an affordable package of your choice?

Dedicated and reliable web hosting service is our specialty which is cost saving and affordable to every wordpress site holder. While looking for quality web hosting company, you can consider us.

At DEXUSA, we offer you two choices for web hosting. You can either subscribe for our dedicated web hosting server or can directly approach the hostgator using our coupon. Our standard web hosting packages start from $200-$350. If you opt for this, we are ready to handle all the server related problems for $19.99 a month. We will also provide weekly and monthly backup service in this hosting plan and can help move your site to the hostgator dedicated server. For maintenance of your WordPress sites, we will charge an additional amount depending on your requirement

What kind of Web Hosting and Maintenance services DEXUSA can offer you?

We are committed to bring the hostgator’s dedicated server hosting advantage to small and medium businesses all over the world. With monthly or annual subscription to our linux dedicated hosting plan, you can have access to hostgator’s secured and fast dedicated server and resources.

Our dedicated server hosting service is meant to offer you a fully managed hosting solution that can take your business to an advanced level. We not only give you full control over how you would like to manage your site at $ 200-350 but also include the newest WHM cPanel with multi language support. And your server will be dedicated, secured, and available to you in just 24 hours of sign up process. We assure that you will experience high degree of speed, security and uptime without server hosting plan. However, you will have limitations on resource capabilities like server space and bandwidth etc.

Our dedicated hosting service features

  • Enterprise level CentOS Linux platform with full root access
  • Web Host Manager (WHM) cPanel plugins
  • Server with IPTables firewall protection
  • Apache web server compatible with Perl, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Python and FFMpeg

Why we are a better choice than other Web Hosting/Maintenance providers?

Our dedicated servers are perfect for linux hosting service and come in different capacity to meet the hosting needs of any business website. When going through our dedicated hosting packages, you will find additional options with no extra charge. We have standard server capacity and dedicated hosting programs that can accommodate your hosting demands in the most proficient manner. Moreover, we provide website maintenance service along with dedicated hosting solutions if you feel like. Our main focus is to give you great satisfaction with the latest Linux hosting technology at not so high cost.

Just check out our dedicated server hosting service benefits and you will come to know why DEXUSA is a better web hosting company than others.

  • Cost savings
  • State-of-the-art web hosting environment
  • Full server monitoring and backup
  • Fast bandwidth
  • Full security
  • Stability and guaranteed uptime
  • Powerful and effective web hosting solutions

Are the clients happy with our present standard of Web Hosting/Maintenance?

We are now providing dedicated Web Hosting/Maintenance services to many wordpress shopping cart owners at affordable price. We safely host over their domains, provide backups and updates on regular basis. They feel happy to use our hosting solutions and depend on our service if any server related problem arises. If you want your website to perform better than its present rate, you can subscribe our hosting service anytime.

DEXUSA recommendation for hosting/maintenance seekers?

DEXUSA recommends fully managed dedicated hosting solutions for business level clients with linux server support.

  • Small and medium businesses looking for flexible, secured and the most effectively performing dedicated web servers.

To find a quote on web hosting service, contact us or call us now!