InfusionSoft API

InfusionSoft- An Automated Marketing Solution

To expand your business, you can use your current contacts and lucrative customers to build it. When you sense sales, you can make profit out of it. The only problem is that with so many hours in a week, chances are high you might miss opportunities that passes by you.

The simple question is how can you enhance your productivity and profit margin by reducing the time spent on repetitious task? Infusionsoft is the solution. It’s a powerful automated marketing solution which revolutionise your business elements into a meaner and profit-making machine. Whether you manage some sales team or sell online, Infusionsoft helps you convert the leads and grow sales.

InfusionSoft Benefits

With the Infusionsoft services, the clients demand help ranging from almost everything like the setting up of new account to multiple functionalities available across the the application. But, what makes you think that Infusionsoft is just the right automated marketing solution for you?

It’s simply because of these reasons:

  • Infusionsoft is an easy to use tool.
  • Infusionsoft involves no risk as you aren’t bounded by any deal and can give it a free 30 days trial.
  • Infusionsoft is powerful and popular. Ensuring enhanced productivity and profit margin, it can powerfully automate follow-ups on sales, targeted customers and prospective customers.
  • Infusionsoft manages your contacts, segments the mailing list, sells products online, automate the repetitious job and track the deals, thus helping you figure out the right time for generating sales.
  • Infusionsoft doubles your overall business sales.

We Use Infusionsoft With WordPress?

InfusionWP, a WordPress plugin is used to turn WordPress into fully functional membership site that constitutes of all protection control features needed to pull out data driven by Infusionsoft CRM.

Certified Distress Property Lender Educational Curriculum Website

Websites for Certified Distress Property Lender Educational Curriculum. Appealing yet functional WordPress design integration with Infusionsoft form. Features implemented are membership feature, searchable profile in database, paid membership functionality, events functionality, payment gateways and blog integration.

And Why Us?

At Discover Excellence, we use the Infusionsoft WordPress plugin to pull out the membership data into the Infusionsoft application which includes membership levels, subscriber data, payment status, etc. In entirety, we control the membership data through Infusionsoft and controls its access in the WordPress site.

Our Infusionsoft WordPress integration gives you a unique capability of running a fully featured membership site. Infusionsoft is growing at a fast pace and popularly known as an amiable content management system over the web.

Our Infusionsoft developers integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress and develops a powerful CMS feature that helps you with the following tasks:

  • Automating follow-ups and workflow
  • Targeting emails and managing contacts
  • Capturing online leads
  • Segmenting list of customers
  • Selling products and service online
  • Tracking deals