Business Catalyst

What is Business Catalyst?

Business Catalyst is an all-in-one solution meant for creating and managing business websites. It has a unified platform without having any back-end coding support. Business Catalyst can be used to create effective online shopping stores, appealing websites and lead generating micro-sites.

How it can help improve your business prospects?

DEXUSA can provide you everything you require to create appealing and dynamic business websites, including seamless integration with popular frameworks, time saving templates and modules and automatic updates. Our developers will make you realize the best features of Business Catalyst in the following manner:

  • It helps create a website with more functionality and better business performance matching the requirements of every individual customer.
  • With it, you can avoid integrating applications or maintaining different plugins to get the result you want.
  • Business Catalyst provides the perfect business framework for streamlining your work model and reducing application development time.
  • You can use your own creativity and design business catalyst templates using HTML/CSS and apply them on top of existing modules.
  • Business Catalyst ensures you automatic system updates and saves you from time consuming server updates.

Why Business Catalyst is considered better than other CMS frameworks?

  • Business Catalyst delivers complete ecommerce solutions, not just appealing websites.
  • It hosts your site, manages your user database, e-mail system and get leads.
  • Business Catalyst makes site management easy by integrating e-commerce, a list of in-built plug-ins, and analytic and reporting tools.
  • It will enable you to sell items, take orders, build user communities and undertake email marketing campaigns simultaneously.
  • Business Catalyst continually adds the latest tools to your website so that you can switch on to a new feature anytime.

What kinds of services DEXUSA can offer you?

DEXUSA has proven to be an effective Business Catalyst solution provider for many businesses looking for the tools to run their websites more smoothly. It has vast working experience on Business Catalyst which is more than a standard CMS system. Our programmers can deliver you an effective solution combining all the desired marketing tools so that you can easily run the store and have better control over it.

Our Business Catalyst services include the following:

  • Business Catalyst web design
  • Business Catalyst support and maintenance
  • Business Catalyst template customization
  • Create an e-commerce site using business catalyst
  • Providing creative javascript/jQuery applications that can work with Business Catalyst

What past works we have done in Business Catalyst?

We have proven expertise in providing professional Business Catalyst solution. Developed ecommerce site using Business Catalyst, a standard CMS system.

DEXUSA Recommends:

For a simple information driven business website, DEXUSA recommends Business Catalyst. However, one has to understand the limitations of Business Catalyst and its impact on Search Engine Optimization and aligning the future website roadmap with the chosen platform.